March 28, 2016

About Equipe Central USA

Equipe Central USA is your authorized Selleria Equipe Distributor for the Central USA. We carry a wide variety of english tack including jumping saddles, event saddles, endurance saddles and dressage saddles. We also carry a wide assortment of tack accessories such as bridles, strap goods, saddle pads, horse boots and more. We regularly travel the country for saddle fittings, please feel free to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you.

Selleria Equipe

Over twenty years’ experience in the equestrian sector, attention to quality, technical perfection and care for detail, together with a constant commitment to Research and Development, are the combination which has always accompanied Selleria Equipe on its road to growth, ensuring the success of its saddles worldwide.

Each saddle turned out at the Selleria Equipe premises – in themselves an avant-garde architectural landmark – is manufactured with meticulous care to satisfy sporting demands where protecting the wellbeing of both the rider and his horse is concerned, be it in show jumping or dressage, in eventing or endurance riding. All in the name of an endless passion, supreme technique and debonair elegance.

Selleria Equipe combines its vocation for craftsmanship with a dynamic inventive spirit, conferring the role of precursor of innovative applicative solutions on the company. Modern techniques enhance the craftsmanship to satisfy the need for personalization, while investments into research pursue the objective of using new materials and shapes.


Our Facility in Italy