March 28, 2016

Dressage Saddles

Equipe offers a variety of Dressage Saddles for the Adult Amateur or Open/Professional Dressage Rider. These saddles all feature a foam panel that offers an incredibly lightweight and breathable saddle for your horse. With style, comfort, serviceability and well-being for the horse and rider in mind, you will find a saddle to suit your needs.


The E-Carbon saddle core is the laminar saddle tree in carbon and three-composite fibres, with shape and thickness that can be personalized, at the same time featuring supreme manufacturing precision, lightness, non-deformability and sturdiness. The innovative shock-absorbing system improves comfort and performance, benefiting that very special “tuning” between horse and rider. The E-Carbon tree offers a lifetime warranty on the tree.


Sophisticated elegance for maximum comfort. Premium selected calf skins, in various natural colourings, highlight the superior character of this line of personalizable saddles, refined in their detail and manufactured with a wooden saddle tree. Platinum satisfies the technical needs of riders of all levels, attentive to their own comfort and the well-being of the horse. The Platinum tree tree offers a 5 year warranty on the tree.


An emblem of self-confident elegance, Theoreme saddles are made in cow hide and personalizable and are equipped with a saddle tree in synthetic material which favors the seating of the rider, adapting itself perfectly to the structure of the horse. The Theoreme tree offers a lifetime warranty on the tree.